Sex with a physical education coach

Sex with a physical education coach – Stories for adults

Sex with a physical education coach – Stories for adults – My body every time begins to reduce sweet languor at the mere memory of him. And should he approach me, so I have the chills, fever chills!

Sex with a physical education coach – Stories for adults

Sex with a physical education coach – Stories for adults – My body every time begins to reduce sweet languor at the mere memory of him. And should he approach me, so I have the chills, fever chills! What a man! A sight for sore eyes!

A tall blond man of about forty with huge blue eyes, fit and pumped up in one word, a track-and-field athlete. In other words, a teacher. We met Eugene in September of the year before last, when I started working in the same College as him.

My presence in this team was seen by all, especially his male part. Welcome to us, very glad! his dazzling smile took my breath away. Yes, Yes! I’m glad! I could hardly get out of myself, blurring my smile in response, unable to tear myself away from the radiance of his bottomless gray-blue eyes.

In the College building, we often came face to face, not counting the moments when the whole pedkollektiv going to various meetings. Each of our meetings was accompanied by a brief and charming conversation of a secular nature, which is called “Nothing!”.

This student-dolt gave me Eugene. How? It all started with the fact that Ivan, a fourth-year student, had to give me the debt to be admitted to the winter session, but he was in no hurry.

One day Eugene, going to his gym, walked past my office (the door was opened) and saw me talking with Vanya about debts, I had a very worried look and expression was alarmed.

Eugene at the door waited until I finish with the debtor-a student and came to me as soon as he left. Problems? Maybe I could help, you know, talk to him like a man? I don’t know, I don’t know…

He listens to me, but it feels like he can’t hear anything! I’m nothing to him! No, Ol, I don’t think that’s the point. What then? Now is no time, the students around many more, come to me after all classes are over, I’ll tell you what I think about it.

The working day is almost over, the students have left, the teachers have also almost all finished classes and left.

I went up to the gym, went to Eugene’s office, coaching, to be more precise. So what’s up with you and that idiot? Yes, he did not stir up to pass me the topics that are owed, I do not know what to do with it…

And so? He’s like the guy is not stupid, as far as I know, learns well? Yes, but to me it is so! You know, Olya, I think I understand him! You mean?

Eugene, are you talking about? He got up from his Desk, closed the door of the coaching room, confidently walked up to me, took my hand, pulled me over, thereby forcing me to get up from the chair, pressed me to him and said quietly.

When he sees you, he can not think about any study! I also see you as, be not himself! I was struck by lightning, that’s it! And I didn’t notice it at all! While I mentally tried to persuade his heart not to beat so furiously that Jack was already gently, but firmly, to study my…

lips with his own. I did not dare to move, because I did not know what to do, his kisses, his hands, heavy breathing, the heat and smell of his body drove me crazy, I ceased to belong to myself and completely surrendered to his power. What have you done to me…

God, I’m going crazy!.. his hot whisper aroused me, and at the same time made me fear his lust for me. Stopping for a moment, he looked me in the eye and said, “No!”.

I gently released myself from his embrace and walked unsteadily to the door, intending to leave, but stopped when I heard his voice again: Wait! Please don’t leave!

I looked into his eyes, in which the infernal fire of passion and desire was burning, and unable to resist this insane desire, returned to him, knowing that now he will do with me whatever he wants.

He didn’t let me come to my senses, caressing me everywhere, so skillfully and tenderly that I just forgot everything. Soon I was completely naked in front of him, he took off only his shirt Jack pushed me on the head, forced to stand in front of him on his knees, lowered his sweatpants, which immediately jumped big dick, beautiful, have long stood in the power.

He immediately pressed his lips against mine, and I gasped in surprise. Take it, I want you to caress it! I gently kissed his cock, tickled tongue the tip of his red head, causing Eugene drew a long sigh and leaned forward, I swallowed his cock, so that he slipped quite deep into my throat, causing tears instantly appeared in my eyes.

Zhenya this picture has excited to improbability, he has slightly bent that it was more convenient to me, my hands have put on the legs, thus I have embraced him for knees, one hand he has taken me for a chin, the second held my hair.

I sucked his cock, swallowed it, licked it and kissed it with ecstasy. After quite a bit of time I felt that he tensed even more, member became hotter and began to pulsate in my mouth. Soon salty thick stream of sperm gushed down my throat, I sucked and swallowed it all, to the last drop.

Releasing his still hard cock from his mouth, I ran my tongue over the trunk again, gently touched the tip of his lips, then stood up and pressed to Eugene, hugging his waist. His heart was loud, heavy, and beating fast, as was mine.

I froze, listening to his heavy breathing, enjoyed his intoxicating smell and, as enchanted, admired his perfect body, suddenly his lips were again covered with kisses my neck, then chest, lightly biting the nipples…

Fingers Zhenya were inside me, he naturally fucked me with them, and I loved it, I started again from this rough, but such a magical caress! Zhenya’s free hand stroked my neck, slightly squeezing it in the place where the artery was pulsating strongly.

I turned and caught his fingers with my lips and began to kiss them, but suddenly he squeezed my jaw, lifted my face so that it was right in front of his face. Ol, I’ll tear you up here, just tear! he whispered, squeezing me with his iron muscles.

I pulled back slightly in fright, but he squeezed me even harder and with one jerk sat me down on the table, at the same time spreading my legs even more with his hips. Holding my shoulders, he forcefully drove into my dripping with excitement slit his cock, began to stick me on him with a furious frenzy and furious speed.

After a few minutes, Zhenya laid me back on the table and began to gently stroke and stretch my anus, making me slightly tense and held my breath, I realized what he was going to do, but my ass is quite narrow, and a member of Eugene was impressive size.

Relax, my girl, I promise you’ll be fine! His words calmed me down and I moved towards the man who now had absolute power over me. Zhenya began to lick and suck my Clit, while introducing two fingers into my anus and gently massaging me from the inside, it caused me a storm of delight, I groaned, arched towards his Wife and she took his cock to send in her ass.

For a long time to beg my athlete did not have to, as soon as his cock completely entered my anus, Eugene began to fuck me, accelerating the pace, as if really decided to tear me apart. Very soon I was covered by an orgasm of such force that from this sweet pain and from improbable pleasure I almost fainted.

I finished and immediately felt that Zhenya also began to cum violently, his cock again began to quickly shrink and pulsate, pouring into me a stream of hot viscous sperm.

Having dressed hastily and having caught our breath, we sat with Evgeny and looked at each other. The predatory gleam of his gray-blue eyes and the half-smile with a hint of mockery confused me, I wanted him again and again, and immediately at the recollection of what had just happened here, I was ready to run away from him in panic without looking back.

I was completely confused and shocked. Suddenly his quiet, already softened voice and a hand, gently stroking my cheek, brought me out of a trance: Ol, you’re just a magical sorceress! I’m sorry!.. I don’t know what came over me… Seriously, this is the first time in my life! a guilty look appeared on his face.

Yes? I was surprised. Yes! I have never met such women. You’re amazing and you’re the best thing that ever happened to me! Thank you for everything! He walked me out of his coaching room with the sweetest kiss he could give.

From that moment on, for a whole year Zhenya and I had a fiery-passionate affair, which then grew into a good, good friendship, which is possible only between a man and a woman in whose relationship there was such a bright, unforgettable sex.

Sex with a physical education coach – Stories for adults

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