Stories for adults - the Conditions of a guy for a girl to be sexually liberated

Stories for adults – the Conditions of a guy for a girl to be sexually liberated

Stories for adults – the Conditions of a guy for a girl to be sexually liberated – When I got back to my Dima, I was in for a surprise. I thought I’d proved to him how liberated I could be, but he didn’t think it was enough and set new conditions. I have to fuck a hundred men and tell him everything.

He will find lovers for me or I could do it, for faster achievement of the goal, and after each client, call him and report everything: how many men were there, how they fucked me, in what position, etc. I was shocked, but Dima was able to convince me, saying that it was only to consolidate my sexual emancipation.

Perhaps I did not have a choice, because I wanted to marry him very much, and maybe my pussy, mouth and anal hole were eager to get a new dick into themselves. Most likely the second option is closer to the truth and today I wanted to try myself as a free prostitute.

Dima gave the phone and said it was his business partner. The man is old and has seen everything, but is very important to him, so do not deny him anything and do everything on the first level. I picked up the phone and agreed. The voice was pleasant, polite and very masculine. I liked how the man explained at what time and where to come, felt confidence and strength in his voice.

I left Dima’s apartment and went to myself to put on make-up tones and to pick up a dress on the way out, I wanted to look my best. I came to the right place at the right time. My new lover lives in a big, fancy house. I went inside, where I was met by a guard, I called the name and apartment number, he led me to the Elevator, pressed the button and said goodbye.

I liked the service. The Elevator came and I flew into it. Coming out of the Elevator, I went to look for the right apartment. Everything was very beautiful. Felt expensive repairs in the hallway: everywhere hung paintings, greens, bronze ceiling lighting. If it’s so nice here, how luxurious his apartment is, I thought.

Rang the doorbell, I was opened by an elderly man, seeing me he immediately understood why his guest came and without saying anything told me to go in the door. He appreciatively looked at me, and in a businesslike unceremoniously ordered to turn around, to become straight, slightly turn down, love to hit that for Tits, for ass, legs and even lips a finger and launched. He liked the new bitch and ordered to go to the bedroom and wait for him on the bed. I went into the bedroom.

As I had expected, his furnishings were luxuriant. How I wanted it all to be mine, but if I can marry Dima, then I will also live comfortably in an environment of wealth and a large number of members who will have me every day, giving new orgasms. After all, what else is needed for real happiness – wealth, luxury, power and sex for every day.

After a couple of minutes he came to me and kissed me in a Hickey, from which I began to flow at the bottom. I have not sucked for a long time, and in the mouth took only members, from which it was so nice to feel like a real lady. He kissed my lips, tenderly caressing tongue and lips pochivka. From my lips he gently moved to my neck, paralelno undressing me.

His hand was big and strong, but at the same time very gentle, it slid on my velvety skin, removing the dress and panties. Caressing Boobs and pussy I’m just a tech and wanted to immediately get his dick to himself. I eagerly began to unbutton his shirt. When I removed his shirt, then got rid of it in away, tudazhe fly and his pants.

When I got to his dick, I thought that there would be a small wrinkled eggplant, and the old man is not small, a big, huge hero who wanted to get a young female. I started to do a Blowjob. I was playing tongue and deep throat nasazhivalas on his penis ie was impossible throat Blowjob. I tried to give him all of me.

Seeing my pliability he dropped me on the bed, putting on his tummy and began to push his cock into my pussy. I hospitably accepted him, my pussy could stretch to incredible sizes and without meeting any resistance in its path, his cock just drowned in me. He started to hammer my pussy.

His eyes opened another hole, just above the pussy, in which as a jackhammer wielding his cock, there was a small black hole. He ran his thumb over it, but the back door did not hurry to open and spitting on my point, the second attempt was successful. The finger completely flopped into me, and the ass accustomed to anal sex itself began to stretch and rammed me a little, he plunged two fingers, and then added another.

If I jerk you off, can I put my fist in? – I don’t know, I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ve already taken two Dicks in the ass, if you want to try it. Just please grease my ass. Drooling? Is there any lube? Unfortunately, nothing there. – Well, then saliva is good lube can roll to push straight to spit to better climbed.

Continuing to fuck my pussy, he parted my buns, from which my gate also slightly opened. Well typing saliva, he spat right in my ass and began to sodomize me with three fingers. I dropped my head on the pillow and just enjoyed the fact that both of my holes in the entire wield. After some time, I received praise, thinking that he was finished I turned my head, but understood why.

Without noticing, I got a whole fist in the anal hole. And when you have time, the entire arm into me to shove, I don’t even understand. Heh, neatly podrachivala ass, slightly oiled, and broken-down priest gave a good result. In fact, I have a neat ass – I did, I look offended. – Yes, your ass is super, smooth, neat, round hole, but you must admit it stretches like a well-deserved proshmandovka, with years of experience.

Stretches, not like what you said, but as a real experienced woman who loves anal caresses, and about the ass, she’s my sexiest and most desirable. – I agree, ass is super, need fist to change on my dick, would you? – Of course, there is no, all my holes fully in your disposal, Yes and incidentally, cumshots you can in any of them. In your mouth? – If told that would be no, unless you stop it? No, of course not, but still? You can, I can even swallow. – I think I know how to surprise you. – I beg you, look at my gate and tell me what else can surprise me.

I want you to get out of my ass a little later – Oh, I’ve done that a thousand times. It’s not a problem for me. That’s fine, said the man and continued to fuck in the ass. By fucking me in different poses, he ordered to sit on the floor, opposite the bed, and he sat at the edge of the box and pointed at me his trunk. I understood without further ADO and opened my mouth to let his cock down my throat. A little enjoying my Blowjob, he lifted his legs and ordered to play tongue in his ass.

Very excited and I started to play with his chocolate hole priests. Caressing tongue around the surface I was plunged straight in. I haven’t thought about what to wash it is there or not, I was excited and ready to do anything sexual games did not end, it should be noted that I am very fond of sex and could not live a day without cock in me.

Sated with my tongue, he was on his feet and began to furiously masturbate, ordered to open his mouth and wait for the receipt of fresh sperm. I did it, and in less than a minute, he rewarded me with his sperm, which he sprayed all over my face. I gathered everything and swallowed it before his eyes, and then cleaned his cock with his mouth.

A little breath, he fucked me again and where such an old man so much strength, I thought and stood in a pose, taking a member. Having fucked a couple more times, he went to the bathroom, and then I went to freshen up. On the evening I all as and was discussed told in great detail to his the bridegroom.

After hearing all he ordered to write down the next number. I called the next day and prepared myself for the second client, there were still 99 men and I will become Dima’s wife. I came to a new apartment to fuck a new dick. The apartment was as chic as the previous one. Large huge duplex apartment. My hubby must have some rich friends.

I was waiting for a young man, delighted with a fresh dick, I was looking forward to hours of fucking in my holes. He sat down on the sofa and ordered me to show myself. I was happy to show off my gorgeous body. For a start, I went to the stairs leading to the second level of the apartment and climbing a couple of steps began to move sexually, showing my slender legs, sweet ass, Tits and other equally sexy parts of the body.

I was wearing a mini skirt, so being just above the couch my new lover could see my panties, which I willingly demonstrated. I noticed that in the area of the fly there was a small bump, I was happy that I was able to have my partner. He ordered to get rid of the clothes, slowly I started to remove her skirt and top. Now I was dancing in my underwear.

I pulled my livchik back and stuck my small Tits out so he could admire them. Then she put on her panties and played with her pussy. I stroked her, ran her fingers, pulled the small lips to the side and showed how beautiful she was. The boy on the couch all liked it very much and he wanted to start pranks more seriously.

Without further ADO, I realized that I needed to get to what I came here and going to him I lowered his jeans and pulled out his huge cock. As usual, I took his cock in my mouth and began to suck greedily. His cock was huge and not crazy in my mouth, but taking me by the back of the head he began to stick in my throat his bolt. I’ve done deep throating, so typing is more air trying to miss deep in my throat his cock – throat Blowjob.

He clearly liked, it is with pleasure fucked my throat, but bringing yourself to orgasm ostanovilsya and whispered a request to become doggy style. Catching his breath slightly, he put his in my little pussy your cock and as the boy began to zastrahovat finger up my ass.

Anticipating anal sex, I began to masturbate my pussy with one hand, bringing myself to orgasm. By fucking me a little, he stopped again and shoved his cock in the ass, which is a little opened from his caresses and hospitably accepted. He fucked me in the ass, then in the pussy, then in the mouth. From time to time stopping for a short pause. His marathon lasted about two hours.

Don’t know where he got his strength from, but I got a bunch of orgasms, and he was hoarding male power. But he could not endlessly fuck me and it was time when he came to the edge of orgasm. He ordered to lie on his back and masturbate his cock. I quickly did everything and his cock began to spray sperm on my body. It was very much, I never saw that one person could so spray sperm.

I was all covered with a thick layer of sperm, from the knees to the top. On the pussy, belly and Tits were right in the puddle of sperm. My lover enjoyed the death, and his cock dangled near my face, I decided to thank him and took his cock in his mouth to clean up the remains of sperm.

Next, I collected sperm on my body in small hands and greedily licked. So after a short time I completely cleaned myself. My client loved it and joked me out a little bit. I was told to report to my future husband, and obtained the following order.

Stories for adults – the Conditions of a guy for a girl to be sexually liberated

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