Stories for adult - Again a nice neighbor and the thought of sex

Stories for adult – Again a nice neighbor and the thought of sex

Again, a nice neighbor and the thought of sex – Andrew met her in a grocery store located next to their house. They lived on the same landing. She was twenty-six years old, called Marina.

She was not married, but in the seventh month of pregnancy. Well, sometimes. Well, a girl loves sex, what can you do. He offered to carry her the bag of groceries she’d bought.

Looking at her belly, anyone would do that. They walked and chatted merrily about all sorts of nonsense. On the way Andrew told Marina jokes. Going to the door of the apartment, the girl thanked the guy and offered to go to him and drink tea. He agreed, there was nothing to do at home anyway. They drank tea and talked about everything, including Marina’s pregnancy.

She had changed her clothes and now sat in only one Terry robe. The conversation was quite Frank. When Andrew tea was over, the hostess got up and went for the kettle. When she returned, walked past the guy, patted his hair. Andrew liked this prank. After a few sentences, he suddenly asked: – And how do you manage without sex? No one’s coming to see you now, I’ve noticed. Well, with difficulty, embarrassed, replied Marina. Different ways to eat and she looked at his hand.

– A can be on you without clothing watch? The guy was unstoppable, he didn’t mean what she said. Marina was also a little embarrassed, but she did not understand herself, began to push the floors of the robe, exposing her stomach and Tits. Andrew with undisguised interest considered huge belly and large Breasts with big, brown nipples. His hand reached out involuntarily. When his finger touched the nipple, Marina shuddered, her body ran a wave of pleasure.

The guy, noticing that the hostess liked the touch, began to caress the nipple with his finger, watching how Marina likes it. She closed her eyes, bit her lip. Andrew parted the robe more. – Oh! Are you even in this position wearing sexy panties? You like it? – Really, the guy put his hand into her panties. – Went to the bedroom, the hostess took his hand. They went into the bedroom.

Marina took off her robe and panties. She lay on her back and spread her legs wide, giving Andrey a look at her pussy. From the sight of everything, the guy was stunned and taking off his clothes, fascinated looking at the girl between her legs. He had never seen such a smooth, hairless pussy, in addition to having such a huge belly.

He was already eager to cling to this Bud and bending down and clasping her hips with his hands, Marina applied to lick pussy. He began to gently lick the large and small sexual lips, he especially gently sucked the clitoris, inhaling the aroma emitted by it. His hands caressed his thighs. Pregnant, clutching the head of the guy’s legs, kneaded her Breasts and twisted her nipples.

She completely lost her head, she completely succumbed to forgotten sensations and, spitting on shamelessness, waved her tongue and nose Andrew, wielding in her pussy. She jerked convulsively several times when the orgasm caught up with her. Andrew lick of allocation raised his head. You’re a dear, sent him a kiss Marina. You like it? … That’s cool.

He bent down and kissed his pubic hair. He liked the smoothness of the skin so much that he began to lick it with his tongue. He licked his pubes, then his stomach. Every inch of the huge stomach he licked very carefully. “I think you have someone beating there,” he said, and put his ear to his stomach. Marina put her hand on his head. Feeling like there is someone kicking the guy smiled. I think we woke him up and smacked his belly button. We’re gonna give you a toy. Andrei straightened up, took the risen dick with his hand, and put his head on Marina’s pussy. He rubbed her sex lips, lightly slapped her Clit, then slowly shoved in pussy.

He introduced the neighbor only the head of the dick and felt how she gently squeezed her muscles. The guy, shaking his cock from side to side, began to excite the hostess, who herself moved a little booty. Andrew became very shallowly fucking her, moving with an amplitude of not more than one centimeter. Then he lifted Marina’s leg, lay down next to her on the bed and put his hand on her stomach, began lying on his side and pulling a large nipple with his tongue, again began to fuck her, shallow movements.

The fetus was moving in my stomach. I think he found his toy. How gentle! – Does it hurt? – No, go on, Although there is no, try insert me in the pussy a small vibrator, which will you take in bedside table and fuck me in his behind on the most eggs. Andrew gently out of the Marina. He took out a small vibrator from the bedside table, 12 centimeters in length and 2, 5 in thickness, turned its back and, feeling how he began to tremble, inserted into the pussy of a neighbor, deepening centimeters by 5. Marina closed her eyes with pleasure.

Andrew, watching the trembling vibrator, touch a little with the palm of her clitoris, then took the vibrator and began to move back and forth. – Oh! the landlady burst out. And Andrew already continued, he bent down and took the vibrator with his teeth, began to move his head back and forth, fucking them pussy. A shiver unpleasantly responded in his mouth, so he lowered the vibrator, leaving it sticking in the pussy and erect motioned to Marina turned over, which she did becoming the “doggy style.”

The guy stood behind and licked a couple of times the hole in her ass, then relish spat on her and smeared saliva. He stood over the neighbor. Bending his knees and directing his hand to his cock, began to enter it in the ass of the hostess, who moaned softly with pleasure. Andrew slowly introduced his cock to its full length, strongly pressed and xplosiv eggs on the buttocks Marina. Not starting to move, he stroked his hands back, shoulders, ass girl. He made a few moves up and down fucking her.

Pausing, he suddenly felt his member someone inside the Marina pushes. He also felt the tremor of the vibrator located in the pussy and resting against his cock. He stood for a moment, enjoying the sensation. – Let I will make you great Blowjob, proposed Marina. – It’s probably the right thing to do. I don’t want to push the baby.

He was on his knees in the face of a neighbor, and she took his dick hand, introduced himself in the mouth. She began to suck and lick him, and the guy caressing her ass, back and shoulders. Sucking cock for a couple of minutes, Marina said that it is difficult for her to stand. Turn over, proposed Andrei. Marina again lay back and continued to masturbate cock, getting to his head with the tip of the tongue.

The guy succumbed forward and putting a member between Boobs and squeezing them, began to move the booty. He fucked Marina between Boobs looking like the head of the dick then appears, then disappears. The girl, holding the neighbor’s ass and pushing them apart, tried to lick his ass hole and eggs flying past her mouth. Andrei bent down. He kissed Marina’s stomach and began to stroke it with his hands.

Then easily clung to him, hugging his, the palm of one hand rests on the clitoris while the other hand took the vibrator. Her cheek was on her stomach, and someone was pushing her inside. Marina, put a fucking Andrew in his mouth. It is hard wanker and doing Blowjob at the same time caressing the eggs. Violent jets of sperm flowed into her mouth. She was finished and greedily sucking cock, surprised at the pleasant taste.

Andrew, tenderly holding her belly, afraid to fall on him, so he fell off to the side. Seeing the neighbor at the door, Marina said that being not even pregnant, she did not experience such a fabulous sex. Come to me sometimes. Sure I will. I also liked it very much. I have a friend, she’s pregnant too. Do you want me to invite her? Of course I want, in the head of the guy already began to have fantasies about group sex with two pregnant girls. – Really want.

Again, a nice neighbor and the thought of sex

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